Monday, July 18, 2005

le Tour

Yes, i have heard of it, but had never been interested... until now. How could you blame me? I mean, what is so exciting about guys who bike (a real bicycle) for soooo many days, right? Aside from the scenic view of France, there is nothing interesting in the game. The bikers look older than most athletes.

Pardon my ignorance.

When i first watched it on tv, i could not understand what was going on. Firstly, because the commentators were speaking french. Who would condemn them for speaking their national language on a french channel? Yep, i watched it on the french channel of our cable! Secondly, i could not comprehend why bikers of different teams would assist and help each other when their group was separated from the peloton. They were supposed to be competitors for goodness' sake! They should be breaking each other's neck or some other usual scene on basketball or football. Thirdly, why are all the teammates of Lance Armstrong content in being the groom's men instead of aiming for the yellow jersey? And lastly, what the heck are the jerseys for?

Anyway, watching Le Tour de France helped me understand not only the sports itself, but also the meaning of sports and sportsmanship. Just see how Lance Armstrong would not compete for the stages and would just let the other non-big names have the stage, considering that he still has the Yellow Jersey. The Discovery Team is just awesome! The team work in unison to achieve a common goal- win the team trial and aid Armstrong in getting the jersey. They know their roles in the team and do not complain because the success of one is also the success of another. In this race, the teams do not finish with all the members intact, except for the Discovery Team. Unfortunately, the Discovery Team could not boast of such honor this year because one of its members (Beltran) had an accident.

Now, not only do i watch the highlights once but twice!

*daily highlights is the only english broadcast available on cable.


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