Friday, July 29, 2005


"oh, by the way, there is a secondment opening for London. It's available to TLs and only for one week!" exclaimed Hubby before going to sleep.

Day One after the Announcement:

hmmmm... i think it's such a good idea! he's going to London and only for a week. what a gift! we need some space apart so that we would be able to terribly miss each other. we have been constantly together, with each other, for eighteen months now. it's only for one week anyway.

Day Two after the Announcement:

he wants me to go with him? i would have liked that except that it is too expensive, waaaaayyyyyy toooooo expensive to go to London for only one - did i say ONE? - week. He would be at his office the whole day and we would only have night-outs. Of course, it would be interesting to wander around alone during the day. that is, if he would allow me to do so.

Day Three after the Announcement:

if he goes to London, who would open the @#$%*! gate for me? and when it is raining, how the heck am i going to open it? "but it's only for one week", he says. Now, he doesn't care if i would have difficulty when he's away???!!!

Day Four after the Announcement:

wait, he was away for one month last year. how much was our phone bill? ugh! what shall i hope for? that he gets picked for the seconment or not?



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