Friday, January 20, 2006

Oh, No!

After much hype about going to King Crab to crab-all-you-can, we were not ready for the most devastating news: it closed down!

actually, it did not close down; it just changed its venue. it's now located in san juan, which is too far from us. according to a tambay, King Crab management did not renew its lease because of they did not agree on the lease price with the lessor. to roney, this just proves what his friend told him: hindi maganda sa feng shui ang restaurant sa jupiter. and this coming from a guy who doesn't even believe in such things.

anyway, to prevent me from depression, roney suggested that we eat at Gulliver's. we've been there last new year's eve and it's true that it is the best steakhouse in town. the beef was so juicy and the side dishes were so delicious.

we proceeded to order some appetizer and, of course, our steaks. in the middle of the appetizer, i felt that i had enough. so, no matter how good the steaks were, i wasn't able to eat any. and this is due to my pregnancy. according to my new ka-email-an, whose due date is same as mine, she also wasn't able to eat anything last night because she felt busog.

so, i guess i'll feast on that steak later tonight. i just hope it's still as juicy and tender as it was last night ;)


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