Thursday, June 05, 2008


Last weekend, we went to Market! Market! for our usual mall trip. While Tatay went to the car to put away our shopping goods, Baby Jadon and I went to the play park. He was so excited when he saw the playpen that he ran towards it without minding the jungle cars rolling over the place.

At first, he didn't want to go to the slide. He was just happy to see other kids laughing. He was even laughing with them, even though he didn't know the reason for it.

To encourage him to use the slide, i carried him and let him go down by himself. He enjoyed it so much that he went to the stairs to climb the top of the slide . Because he's still a baby (almost 22 months old), he wasn't as fast-moving as the others were. When some kids roughly brushed him (i don't know if intentionally or not), he would just say, 'Oy, oy,' and then look at me. I would go to him and pat him and tell him that everything was ok. And he would continue doing what he was doing.

After 2 or 3 turns, he just decided to explore the other parts of the playpen. i wish that he told me his plan, because it was too late when i realized what was happening. I saw him go to the stairs, went to the top of the slide, then continued on to the bridge instead of sliding down! The steps of the bridge are not the usual one-layered-all-together steps; they are alternately high and low! And at the other side of the bridge is a higher level for the higher slides, and farther to the end is one which is similar to the fireman's pole when they are going down from their post to the firetruck, only this has horizontal bars.

[NO PHOTO because i was panicking and watching Jadon carefully]

Imagine my fright. I could not go up and follow him because he might fall and i was not there to catch him. On the other hand, he doesn't want to go back or down the higher slides despite my pleading, groveling, shouting, threatening, and crying (ok, i may be overexagg here). He just stayed on that high level, enjoyed the scenery, played around, and sometimes made me think i was going to have a heart attack with his goofing around the edge of the level.

[NO PHOTO for the same reason above]

During that time, his Tatay, who was in a cue of an ATM, suddenly prayed that God protect Jadon from harm. His Tatay doesn't usually do that knowing that I take good care of Jadon. He was even puzzled why he did just that. But when he came to us and saw me looking up and calling Jadon, he knew that God led him to pray. He immediately followed Jadon, and they both went down the slide, with Tatay so scared while Jadon enjoyed every minute of it.



Blogger MrsPartyGirl said...

our children will really be the death of us, haha! i'm glad he's ok and enjoyed his little exploration. he's watched by angels talaga :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008 2:11:00 AM  

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