Monday, July 28, 2008

Fun Ranch

Last Saturday, we went to Frontera Verde after visiting Baby J's pedia to buy medicines at Mercury Drug which happened to be located in the premises of Fun Ranch.

We started looking for a parking slot near Fun Ranch. When Baby J saw the facade of Fun Ranch, he shouted, "Pwaygwawnd!" translated as playground. Which was immediately followed by, "Go there!" I was quite surprised, not only by the words that came out of his mouth, but also the way he said them; It seemed that it took all his effort to say the last phrase.

Anyway, we went around the corner because we didn't find a slot. Baby J, still pointing at Fun Ranch, said, "Later!" Which, I figured, is his way of saying that we will go there later.

But when he saw that we were turning again on the second corner, away from Fun Ranch, he said, with a sigh and a sense of defeat (perhaps), "Bah-bye", because he thought that we were not going at all!

It's really awesome to see a person growing and learning like a flower finally blooming! God really works amazingly :)



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