Monday, August 08, 2005

The -th

I was not able to attend the service last Sunday even though i was in the church. And while there are hundreds of excuses i could state, i shan't give any justifications. The only consolation i have is that ex attended the service. After all, we are already of one flesh *wink, wink*

After the service, ex seemed very happy. He was so blessed with the sermon. (The preacher was our
ninong. we made a good choice.) We then mingled with our missionary friend and exchanged pleasantries.

Before leaving the church, we saw our
ninang (the wife of the one who preached), and ex, with a twinkle in his eyes, told her about the service. Then, we saw our ninong. Again, ex eagerly told him of his delight with the preaching. All those times, i could only obtusely nod my head and smile as if i knew what they were talking about.

When we were inside the car going out of the church parking area, ex, gleamingly and excitedly pronounced, "i loveth you!"

What???!!! Did i hear him right???!!!!

My eyebrows were still raised and forehead wrinkled when he smilingly explained, "during the preaching,
Ninong said that the -th in the New King James version was not there merely to make it difficult for us to read the words. It has a meaning. It is a tense. A tense of eternity."

"Thus," he so sweetly continued, " i loveth you means i loved you, i love you and i will love you. Forever. For all eternity."