Monday, January 23, 2006


Last Christmas, i received a lot of chocolates. lots and lots of it! it was like a dream come true - to munch a chocolate every night til the rest of your life (of course, i am merely exaggerating).

But the thing is, i cannot eat chocolates. it is bad for the baby.

And of course, being the logical and sensible person that i am, i only did the best thing under these circumstances - hoard the chocolates until i am allowed to eat 'em all! (Much to the disappointment of my sister & her three (3) sons)

But, since chocolate is a temptation i cannot simply resist, i can only do the next best thing - eat only one in a week.

Now, on my desk are three mayfair chocolates. shall i eat one of them to satisfy my cravings now instead of waiting til i get home to have some ferrero rocher, este i mean ONE ferrero rocher?
Wait, i am wondering, seriously wondering, whether i had my quota last week. Hmmm, it seems that i wasn't able to eat any chocolate last week. nope, not a single one! ha!


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