Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Pleasant Surprise

This morning, while finalizing my memo to one of our departments, my phone rang from a private number. I thought that it was from one of the government offices or another, but it was my good ol' pal Myrfi from the human rights center. She was asking if they could print a statement i wrote regarding internship.

I could not believe my ears! I could not remember a single word i wrote five years ago that is worth quoting. Therefore, i asked her to repeat for me the exact words i said. Hmmm, it indeed sounded nice and touching. But did i really write that? of course plagiarism is out of the question. i would never dare steal someone else's words. I could probably borrow some ideas then refine them, but never take the exact words from another person's pen and consider them as my own.

Anyway, whatever its worth, i am sure glad that i had that call because it made my day :)


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