Monday, February 12, 2007

First Solids

For the past few months, we were making inquiries, researching and pondering to arrive at a big decision - what first solid food to give to Baby Jadon. Being the mom with maternal instinct, Roney gave me a free hand to give what i think is best for baby jadon. (no, no. he's not ducking the responsibility. he delegated it to me because i should know better.)

Our pedia advised us to prepare one kind of food a week so that we would be able to determine the foods that baby jadon is allergic with. We (read: I) would have wanted to give him fresh vegetables, but because it would take a lot of time to prepare, we settled for cerelac. This week, he's going to eat brown rice with milk.

Click here for the video of his first taste of solid foods.



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