Monday, January 01, 2007


I don't do new year resolutions because it becomes old over a few days. But marriage mentorships and seminars inspired me to list down my own set of short-term goals for this year:

1. Routine. I used to connote this word with boredom. But orderliness follows it. Though my long-term plans are laid out well, the details of my everyday life aren't. Besides, baby jadon needs routine to establish his trust and confidence on me.

2. File. I do file everything. However, it's how I do it that doesn't work. I label envelopes, folders, containers, etc. But I guess I should also follow my own labels.

3. Reduce clutter. Throw away unnecessary things. Like many people, I am stuck in the anal-retentive stage and have a tendency to acquire and accumulate unwanted and pointless things. I need to move on. Unload some baggage. Live in the present and forget the past.

4. Prioritize. Focus. Determine what is vital and important to life and everyday living.

5. Accomplish before moving to another thing. Multi-tasking may be fun-- it relieves boredom and gets me on my toes. But it seems that a few are always left hanging after some have been finished. Corollary to the prior point, I need to put down my foot and say, 'First things first.'

Fingers crossed, I hope to achieve these by the first quarter of 2007 so that it becomes a habit for the rest of the year.


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