Monday, November 20, 2006

Little Experiments

The Crawl

Last Sunday night, baby jadon constantly flayed his hands while lying on stomach as if he were swimming. i guess he wanted to reach Mr. Blue Clown, a rattle we dangled him with. But, baby jadon couldn't advance and get his toy. Becoming tired of his cries of frustration, his pretty mother *ahem* put her legs below his feet just to see what he would do. Baby jadon used them to exert force towards Mr. Blue Clown until he got his toy.


The Television

I noticed that whenever i watch the television with baby jadon sitting on my lap, he would be quietly still as if he were watching also. i did a little test by putting his clean cloth diaper in front so that his vision on the tivo was obstructed. when he saw that he could still see a glimpse of the tivo on his right, he slanted himself until he almost fell. So much for the restriction on the tivo.


The First Hold

I guess baby jadon doesn't really have any choice but to let Mr. Blue Clown become his favorite toy because it's his only toy. Well, of course he has his mobile and other rattles which warped when i sterilized them. But Mr. Blue Clown remained to be the most solid of 'em all. Because it incurred only a small damage from that monster sterilizer.

Anyway, last Saturday afternoon, since there was not much to do, i did another experiment. i helped baby jadon hold Mr. Blue Clown. after that, i put Mr. Blue Clown on his front and waited to see what he would do. Baby jadon raised his right hand and slowly held Mr. Blue Clown on its left. then, he raised his left hand and aimed for Mr. Blue Clown's right. Voila! He held Mr. Blue Clown. On his own.


The Roll Over

I read somewhere that having the baby lie on his stomach would decrease colic and startleness. So, like any other first-time mom obedient to the books, i took baby jadon and forced him to lie on his stomach. at first i thought he didnt like that position because he kept on bobbing head and moving it sideways. so i scratched the idea off. and then baby jadon started lying on his side. and before we know it, he was already lying on his stomach and enjoying his newfound power! baby jadon could do that on his own only when he's on the rocking crib. Otherwise, he needs a little push.


The Picture Book

Due to mommy raves, this new mother went to the bookstore to buy Goodnight Moon. I know that those reviews were really true and based on their experience. But not mine. He didnt care about the book. is it because he's not interested in books at all? however, and blessedly may i add, i did not give up on just one book. i marched to the bookstore again and bought him a picture book. when i went home, i put him on my lap and read him the book. he was restless and kept on pushing his feet and swaying hands. i looked up to roney who was carefully watching us and asked for a description of baby jadon's expression. He said, "Baby Jadon is intently staring at the pictures." Yahu!


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