Tuesday, May 15, 2007


My all-time fave movie is Love Story. And its all-time quotable quote is "[l]ove means never having to say you're sorry." I thought i understood that. It was really easy to understand theoretically. If you love unconditionally, you dont need the person you love to say sorry. Completely simple to comprehend. Until i loved.

Even God who loves us so much is waiting for us to seek forgiveness. He loves us unconditionally. Yet, not everyone will go to heaven. And we, mere mortals, have been created in the likeness of God. So, who are we to proudly say that we do not need to say or hear sorry?

I know of friends and family members whose relationship had been strained for years because no one ever apologized.

What makes us fail to say sorry? Pride. Love of self above love for the one you offended or caused pain. You know that what you did was wrong which eventually hurt someone. And yet, you do not apologize for the mere fact that you do not want to admit that you were wrong.

But when we do say we're sorry, we really have to mean it. It won't happen again. Or at least we exerted utmost efforts not to. Because the essence of apology is lost in insincere repetitions.

And sometimes, even though we believe in our hearts that we did nothing wrong, we are sorry that we hurt the persons we love.

It really is a matter of choice between restoring a relationship and preserving your pride.

Correlative to apology is forgiveness.

For some who had been badly hurt, it would take a lot of time to heal the wound. But forgiveness and healing are two different matter. We may completely forgive the person even if the pain is still there; it is just a matter of will. i believe though that the pain will not fade without forgiveness.


Note: this was the inspiration of this article.


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