Thursday, March 01, 2007

Favorite Book

I was at the Fully-booked while waiting for Roney to pick me up. It was not my intention to buy any book, especially for Baby Jadon since I don't have time to read to him. But when i saw this book and read it, i decided that Baby Jadon must have this one.

This story is about "[a] mother rabbit tells of the lengths she will go to find her baby, who threatens to run away. "If you run away, I will run after you," she says. The baby bunny imagines all sorts of escapes, but realizes he will never be able to leave his home and his mother. Youngsters have been reassured by this book, a nice companion to the author’s GOODNIGHT MOON, since 1942." (Kidsreads)

It was even mentioned in one of the devotionals of Our Daily Bread. And i prospectively agree with Elizabeth Lesser and Daniel Rechtschaffen in their review of the book.

Anyway, Roney and I have different views about it. He thinks that it encourages kids to run away from their parents. But for me, it says how the bunny is unconditionally loved by his mother and that she would never let him go; that whatever the little bunny does, his mother would always be with him. I just know that Roney thinks he's dehado in the book because it leaves out the father.

Whatever, this is Baby Jadon's favorite book!


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