Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Life's Simple Pleasures

I don't think i have answered this Tag from Judy yet, so here it goes...

1. A Kiss. from hubby and from baby. Tells me how much they love me, and vice versa.

2. Chocolates. Happy food. Need i say more?

3. Bed. A nice, warm, soft haven after a toxic day.

4. Barney. When tired after a hectic week and have to take care of a super cute active Jadon, i just turn Barney on. Voila! i can now take my rest.

5. Lipstick. Never mind the lead. My face transforms when i'm wearing one.

6. Massage.

7. Soft, lovely music. Soothes the soul.

8. Good books. Feed the mind.

9. Long bath. Refreshes the body.

10. Malutong na tawa. Nakakapawi ng lungkot, pag-aalala at anumang agam-agam.


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