Thursday, August 28, 2008


Roney and I woke up in the middle of the night last Tuesday because Jadon was restless. He was sleeping in between us so he would neither fall nor bump his head on either side. That night, Jadon was kicking his legs, throwing his arms, rolling all over the bed. When he finally settled down, I picked him up and put him at his rightful place to continue his sleep. Then he pulled the blanket so he would have it all for himself. Which led to the following repartee:

Roney (thinking it was I who took the blanket) : Ano ba? Nilalamig na ako, ang damot-damot pa!

Me (to Roney): Hindi ako yan.

Me (to Jadon) : Baby, please share the blanket with Tatay.

Jadon : Ummmmm.... (short pause) NO!

So, Roney and I ended up using pillows as shield from cold.

I don't think that Jadon is madamot. I think that he is in a stage where children become territorial and want to assert themselves. It is this time when parents teach the child to share. I just hope i would be able to.

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