Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Escapist or Uzi?

I was in high school when the great quake shook Manila. A class of my batch was in the top floor and the teacher was ‘calmly’ telling her students not to panic while she was hurriedly scooting off the room.

Then I went to college. We were barely of legal age when our professor proposed a sort of immersion in Los Banos, with his girlfriend tagging along with us. During the so-called ‘educational’ trip, our dear professor and his gf were always missing. Our class didn’t even have a decent dinner because like any other freshman, we were naïve. Anyway, during our trip home, the professor almost went away with the payment money for the bus company.

When I was in law school, a rumble was brewing between members of the two fraternities. My classmates affiliated with these frats were completing the first phase of the brawl near the end of our joint class. Our learned professor rushed his concluding speech, took his books and left the room immediately.

Last month, I watched the news where it featured several men who were drowned in the dam. They were watching a man being submerged by the current. Two were found dead.


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