Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Let's Learn How To Speak

In his first year and six months, Jadon can now determine objects and utter one-syllable words. I wish I could describe his intonation on each word, but my capabilities are so limited. Anyway, I made a list of some words I heard him say:

Tatay: TAH! (his father)

Nanay: NAH! (me, of course)

Lolo: LUH! (sounds like duh)

Lola: LAH!

Papa: PAH!

Mama: MAH!

Barney: BHAR (he says barney's name sweetly. I guess he likes him much)

Jollibee: BIIII??? (although he doesn't eat the food, he knows the 'bee. He's like asking the name)

Ball: BOL (it's his favorite toy. but the sports that he loves watching are billiards and F1)


Fish: ISS; sometimes, PHISS???

Kite: KUHT (We were surprised that he knows the object and what it is called. I thought that it was written in the Alphabet poster, but it was not. Roney was correct in saying that Jadon learned this from Barney's CD. I soooo luv Barney right now.)

Down: DOWN

Up: EP!

Two: U! (I just heard him say it this morning. I asked him how many Lolo he has because his only one lolo was there, and he pointed his Lolo when i said one, then he looked around and saw his Tatay and suddenly said U!)

Jeep: IP

Book: KUB; sometimes, KU

Truck/Tractor: KAH!

Lord: RO

Balloon: BON

Bubbles: BAB

Bear: BER; sometimes, BEH

Hooray: HOOR

Star: AR

Moon: UHN

Sun: SAN

Wow: WAW

Go: GO, GO, GO, GO, GO,GO!

Nose: NOWS

Ears: EEEH!

Comb: KUM

Grapes: GRIP (it's his most fave fruit. The next one is papaya, which he still cannot pronounce)

Apple: APEL (uyy, it's a two-syllable word!)

Queen: KIH!

Phone: FOH (When he was barely one year old, we were surprised when he got our cellphone, put it on his ear and said 'Low?')

Hello: LOW???

Call: KOH

Dog: GOH

Duck: KHUH!

Quack: KHUH! (i know. it's the same)

Turtle: THEL!

Drums: RAM!

Bed: BED! (he says it like it's urgent)


And lastly, when i asked Jadon this morning if he already prayed, he answered with his head swinging from left to right, "AAAAH, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!"



Blogger MrsPartyGirl said...

cute!! :D today one-syllable words, tomorrow nakikipag-debate na with you in court hehe. :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008 2:20:00 AM  

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