Thursday, February 28, 2008

Let's Dance

I was listening to DZAS the other week over the internet. And I can't remember who the preacher was, but i find the topic very interesting and pragmatic. He likened marriage to a dance. You can have a successful married life if you win a dance contest. There are four points in a dance that we can apply in our relationship:

1. There must be a choreographer. All dances must be choreographed. Otherwise, the dance would have no direction, no sense at all. In marriage, the couple must choose who their choreographer must be. But it is strongly suggested that it must be GOD.

2. The dancers must follow the choreograph. If the dancers do not follow the choreographer's instructions, then the dance would still have no sense at all. The dance, as choreographed, might not appear to be beautiful to the dancers. But it is an excellent dance from the viewers. As spouses, we may sometimes doubt God's will for us, but, hey, who are we to question His judgment?

3. Only one must lead. Have you ever tried dancing where both of you lead? Don't you always step on each other's toes, bump each others elbow, etc? It is the same with marriage. And i hate to tell you, but it must be the Husband who should lead. Being a leader does not give him the privilege to be a dictator (Remember points 1 & 2). And it doesn't make them our superior. In a dance competition, the man leads, but who gets the applause? Right. Because of our invaluable efforts, the marriage becomes successful.

4. Practice, practice, practice. Need i say more?


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