Saturday, September 13, 2008


It was a welcome surprise that we could be off from work earlier than usual yesterday. On the way home, Roney and I decided to have a quick date at Gulliver's. The last time that we were there was to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary which was 7 months ago. And the last time that we had a date was too long ago, not counting our birthday date.

We ordered Calamari Fritti, and this is how it looked.

Because we were not celebrating a special occasion, we did not order wine. Instead, I had a Shirley Temple:

We also ordered a bowl of French Onion Soup which we shared:

And we split a Gulliver's Cut of Roast Prime Ribs of Beef, served with yorkshire pudding, spinach souffle, baked potato and creamed corn of course.

The place was not crowded. In fact, there were only 2 couples dining when we got there and a pianist playing sweet music.

It was romantic!

I sure am going to miss my boys this weekend :(

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Anonymous dphatgirl said...

bakit, san ka pupunta? (mang-usisa ba?) :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008 1:20:00 pm  
Blogger Maver said...

hope your weekend turned out great despit being away from the boys. take care dyes!

Sunday, September 14, 2008 3:43:00 pm  

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