Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ay Mali!

When i woke up after a night of irritation and altercation due to traffic, i was amazed at our view. I said to Roney that being in Pasig wasn't so bad after all because we have a view of the calm sea meeting the sky, just like in the beach. Our house kasi is a tall house (two-storey with mezzanine). We have a view-hoo. We have a view-hoo. On the back is the mountainview and in front is the seaview. yey!

"What sea?" Roney asked. How blind naman my husband is! I had to explain and point to him pa that there is the sea and that line separates the sea from the sky. But he looked at me with knitted eyebrows, then went to the other room.

So i got up and put on my eyeglasses. there was no sea. only a line cable hanging from post to post in the sky.

Lesson: it is sometimes better to see the world without the eyeglasses.


Anyway, i am so happy because they delivered our sofa yesterday morning. it should have been last tuesday (and they did try to deliver but something went wrong. anyway, not trying to dwell on that).

here's how our living room looked like last weekend on the first day we moved in.....

But this is our living area now....

... from-the-top view ...

hmmm... it's probably better nga to have the sofa rather than the tree.

Next Project: The Dining Area

Friday, December 15, 2006


After almost three years, i have now in my own possession one of my most precious valuables --- the wedding album. as i gaze at every page therein, i am amazed on how young and sexy (a word that eludes my being nowadays) i looked that time. how grateful i am that i chose not to be 'manang' on my wedding day! i could just imagine jadon proudly showing off our photos to his friends and telling them how happy his parents were when they got married. (i know, i know that this is too farfetched for a teenage boy to brag about his parents. but hey, it's just an imagination! c:)

Anyway, this is our first page....

It took us almost 3 years to have this because on the first year and a half, we were dillydallying on picking the right photos for our precious album. when we finally had the perfect pics, the lay-out artist got pregnant. legally and ethically, we could not blame them because we could not 'come to court with clean hands'. morally, we could not in our hearts fault them for having a child. after all, they had theirs at the same time we had ours :) be that as it may, the final result was superbly satisfying!

and this is the last page...

Boy, oh boy... was i really that thin?