Monday, September 03, 2007

My Birthday Weekend

On the eve of my birthday (around 1130pm), i was blasting Roney's ears off for not having filed a leave of absence on my birthday! The fact that he was not able to project THIS leave made me feel worse. And the further fact that I was the one in charge of our planned leaves does not exonerate him from marking it. Heck, you can't expect me to surprise myself, can you?

Anyway, i was going to sleep off my gloom (and actually dozing off) when Roney announced that it was the start of my birthday. And to my delight, he gave me two cards! I was so kilig and it was my bestest birthday to date.

And since he was not going to work on my birthday, i asked him to look after our baby while i go beautify myself. I had my hair relaxed and got a footspa with pedicure and manicure. The relax did great for my mane which is not used to being NOT fizzy. And i guess my fingernails must first get used to having polish before it could shine colorfully for more than a day.

When i returned home after four hours ( i really wonder why it took so long. but then again, my hair is still flat and straight. so no complaints should be coming from me), Roney said that we could have a date because MIL volunteered to babysit Jadon.

Off we went to Greenhills. Why GH of all places? Because he was going to buy me a gift!!! Nope, i don't need diamonds. I also don't need roses. I just need this.

Did i say this was my bestest birthday to date?

After purchasing my gift, we went around GH while still deciding where to dine. Roney wanted to make it special. We would have gone to Gulliver's Restaurant-Makati, our fave steak place, had it not been a friday-payday kind of traffic. I wanted beef and meat and eat-all-you-can so we went to Brazil Brazil. We called it a night at ten pm.

The day after, I was still claiming my birthday rights (the one where you can do all the things you want because it is your birthday) so that I could convince Roney to shop books at the World Trade Center. Since joining shelfari, it has been my objective to collect as many books as i can even if i would not have time to read them all. Roney did not want to go to the book fair because the last time we were at the World Trade with Baby Jadon for a food expo, we had not even gotten to the Entrance due to heavy population of visiting guests. It was a terrible experience and i cannot blame Roney for being burned. But I could ask him, on my knees with beautiful eyes, to ask MIL to babysit for a while, which he did (thank God!).

After two hours at the book fair, we went home with His Dark Materials Omnibus by Philip Pullman, a complete set of Gabriel Garcia Marquez books, the Third and Sixth book of Harry Potter, and a couple of romantic novels by Marian Keyes and Judith McNaught. Oh, and Powerbooks had a promo that the first 100 customers with a P2,000 worth of purchase get a Powercard Plus (a discount card which you could have after having a card all stamped up evidencing your purchases of P15,000 worth of books). Considering we went to the booth of National Bookstore first, we no longer have much books to purchase. I only learned of this promo when i was next in line of the cashier. When it was my turn, and we found out that i only have P1,200-something, i had to hold off the register to get a 10-day MBA book and a pre-K book off the rack, without thinking what on earth i need them for. I just hope that Roney would read the MBA book and Jadon would enjoy the pre-K book. Even if they don't, at least I got my card! Yipee!!! I was also happy that we got loads of freebies from NBS like tagalog-english dictionary and synonyms, antonyms homonyms, and fans and bookmarks. They even handed out a Penguin toy, which we gave to Jadon and named it Primo.

Did i say it was my bestest birthday to date?

Soon we had our afternoon naps at the house. Actually, it was only Baby Jadon who took the nap while his Tatay watched t.v. and his Nanay began her reads. When Jadon woke up, we went to Serendra & Bonifacio High Street to stretch out our legs and walk. Unfortunately, Jadon refused to walk on his own. It seemed that he lost his confidence to walk without help.

Then on Sunday, two days after my birthday, I celebrated my birthday with my aunts from my mom's side. They visited our house because Tita Lulu (from Japan) has not seen it yet. Due to time constraint, we were not able to call a caterer, but had our food delivered by Savory Restaurant. It was a disaster! My aunts arrived before the delivery came. Hence, they saw us taking all the food out of the boxes and plastics. We were also not able to entertain them much, as we were torn between preparing the buffet table and taking care of Jadon. Be that as it may, they seemed to have enjoyed themselves by looking at our photo albums and chatting about people of their age whom we do not know (or care to know). I guess they had lots of fun being in our house for they had lasted more than 3 hours in it even if the hosting had sucked big time!

The low-down of the weekend was that we were not able to go to Church on the First Sunday of the month and receive communion. We were all exhausted, but boy, we, especially I, had so much fun.

Thanks Roney for being my soulmate and making me the love of your life and celebrating life & love with me.