Monday, February 12, 2007

First Solids

For the past few months, we were making inquiries, researching and pondering to arrive at a big decision - what first solid food to give to Baby Jadon. Being the mom with maternal instinct, Roney gave me a free hand to give what i think is best for baby jadon. (no, no. he's not ducking the responsibility. he delegated it to me because i should know better.)

Our pedia advised us to prepare one kind of food a week so that we would be able to determine the foods that baby jadon is allergic with. We (read: I) would have wanted to give him fresh vegetables, but because it would take a lot of time to prepare, we settled for cerelac. This week, he's going to eat brown rice with milk.

Click here for the video of his first taste of solid foods.


Friday, February 09, 2007


i was very disappointed yesterday. greatly disappointed.

wanting to give the very best to my baby jadon includes providing him the best education. so, i asked pareng aguy whose daughter gugu (my inaanak) goes to cdc. i didn't hear anything beyond the required 1x1 id picture and a photocopy of his birth certificate.

after some discussions, i was finally able to drag roney to up diliman. suprisingly, the route to home ec took a mere 15-minute drive. the way things were going smoothly, plus the fact that i was able to bathe baby jadon earlier and he couldn't simply stop smiling and laughing at me until i bade goodbye, made me excited and hopeful that he would be accepted despite the small number of slots (0 to be exact and 1 wait-listed for males). with high heels and a heavy bag, i marched to the 2nd floor of home ec to photocopy his birth cert. i even mustered the nerve to ask the lady next in line if i could go first since i only need one copy of a single page.

happy that i have the requirements, i went straight to the door of cdc, even without minding roney who was reading the bulletin boards. i waited for 15 minutes before my number was finally called, and made some small talk with those in charge of the registration. then, they finally realized that my baby jadon could not be accepted because there is no class available for his age! huwattt??? grrrr..... the 4-7 months indicated in bulletin board refers to the age of the baby on june 2007. that means baby jadon would be 10 months old by then! argh!

when i went out with a gloomy, almost teary-eyed, face, roney immediately said that it's okay. he was reading the bulletin board and was thinking that baby jadon could not really be enrolled. but he let me be because i might be able to convince them to let baby jadon in. and besides, i was really excited.

oh well, there's always a better alternative - homeschool.


this morning, i was really happy because i saw baby jadon smile when he saw me. and whenever i am not in the room, but he has heard my voice, he would try to look for me. he even follows me through his eyes.


ohhh, btw, we were able to shoot a video of baby jadon crawling, sipping his cup and sitting without support.