Tuesday, February 28, 2006

All About Linggit

Since we have yet to know the baby's gender, Roney decided to call our little treasure LINGGIT, tagalog for little -- it could be either a mini-me, if girl, or a mini-him, if boy.

Anyway, as i was typing the keys away, i suddenly felt a sudden jerk in my stomach. it was a little painful but i felt something moved! And my maternal instincts are telling me that it was neither gas nor contractions. I looked at my tummy and saw that a little mound was protruding on the left side. I couldn't contain my happiness that i immediately told Roney about it.

Our Linggit is so obedient. Roney would give our baby some words of wisdom and advices at night, and, lo and behold, Linggit would heed them the next day. Roney once told Linggit to swim up during my contractions, and miraculously, it did! Sometimes, Roney would tell Linggit not to move too much to alleviate my pain, and, of course, it did not even attempt to change its position! We just hope that our baby would remain obedient, esp during its teenage years.

During my first trim, i ate the recommended food groups and abstained from 'harmful' food. But i noticed that i gained too much weight, so i just ate what i wanted but continued to refrain from caffeine and alcohol only. I was thinking that if i gain weight, it was at least because of the delicious food i enjoyed. It was an extreme sacrifice on my part to live without coffee, but after feeling Linggit move, it was all worth it.

We are so excited about this baby! i am even daydreaming of planning its first birthday party!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Dati ko pang gustong mapanaginipan ang baby ko. Nais ko syang magparamdam sa akin sa pamamagitan ng panaginip.

Noong isang gabi, dumating na ang oras na pinakahihintay ko. Pero, ang weird. Eto ang aking panaginip:

Lumabas kami ng elevator sa 2nd floor ng condo. Karga ni Roney ang bata na 1 and 1/2 years old na; naka-dress na white ang aming baby girl. Merong toy store sa kanan namin at isang toy ang nakalabas. Pinakita ko ito sa aming baby na kinuha naman. Kaso, ayaw ng ibalik. Kinuha ko si baby kay Roney at naghanap kami ng isang sulok. Pagbaba ko sa baby, naka brown na jumpsuit na sya at naging lalaki! Kamukhang kamukha ni Roney pero kasing kulay ko. "Do you want nanay to scold you in front of these people?" sabi ko sa kanya. "That is not your toy. You have to return it. Your nanay and tatay are not going to buy that toy because you don't need it. You have so many toys in the house already." Ayun, mula sa pag-iyak, unti-unti na syang humihikbi hanggang sa hindi na umiyak at ibinalik ang laruan.

Since November, feeling namin eh girl si baby. Pero, nung nag-check uli kami sa chinese calendar, it's a boy! Sabi ng mga tao, blooming daw ako kaya siguro eh babae raw si baby. Taliwas naman ang sinabi ng bisita namin kagabi; lalaki raw ang anak ko at nakita nya sa mata ko. So, hanggang ngayon, matalinhaga pa rin ang gender ni baby.

Monday, February 20, 2006


Before anything else, i would like to convey my gratitude to those who responded to my earlier post.

At the end of January, Roney and I were talking about our plans for our 2nd anniversary; and we agreed that this time, he'll make all the arrangements. From then on, I pestered him for weekly updates which he would jolly give a where-do-you-want-to-go retort.

Then, on valentines week, since we have plans to visit the Great Wall next month (and this is still a plan which may or may not come true depending on the availability of funds) and Roney has yet to make a single inquiry for our week-end plans, we decided to forego any anniversary celebration to save money for the trip.

However, by the end of the same week, we began to be consumed by some sort of guilt for not commemorating the day that God has united us. Thus, we immediately retracted our earlier decision. It’s panic time to organize an out-of-town trip with only one week to go. And, of course, it’s up to moi, your pretty and beautiful preggy sis, to handle everything.

After inquiring a number of resorts in Batangas, we were able to get one reservation. So, last weekend, we went shopping. And guess what I bought. Two sets of bikinis, a pair of goggles, sunglasses, shorts, capri, blouses and slippers (Roney was just in his generous mood!) Sayang nga lang kasi di ako pwedeng mag-waterski na included pa naman sa babayaran namin!

Anyway, I have this opinion that pregnant ladies have a license to wear bikinis showing their tummy. I got this notion when I saw a picture of the wife of my ex-bf Matt Damon wearing a bikini at a beach. Well, her belly is indeed smaller than mine, but who cares?

Oooh, I’m just so excited! Counting the days ‘til Saturday.

Friday, February 17, 2006


Friends & Readers,

Malapit na ang 2nd anniversary namin. Pagkatapos nito, tatlo na kami. Originally, we were planning to go to the beach or somewhere outskirts manila to celebrate our anniv. Me suggestions ba kayo na romantic yet affordable na getaway para i-celebrate ang aming anniv?


Thursday, February 16, 2006


The doctor advised me to take a bedrest for one week (again!)

But fate has it (or is it just my stubborness?) that i forced myself to go to work. Upon entering the office, i already sensed that something unusual was going to happen; excitement was in the air. Someone famous was coming to town.

Buti na lang, pumasok ako. Nagkaroon pa ako ng picture.

he's taller than i thought. but the baby i am carrying is definitely not his :)